Welbilt Powers IFCA’s 8th International Chefs Conference 2019


“Designed around Chefs “, Convotherm provides the best-in-class combination of Cooking Performance and reduced Energy consumption, resulting in Lower Life cycle cost.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, with advanced Features providing unparalleled cook quality with superior benefits:

  • Patented ACS+: Advance closed system gives perfect steam saturation at lower cooking temperature reducing the energy consumption.
  • 9” User-friendly Interface with conveniently located USB slot -Available in 2 design: Easy Touch and Easy Dial.
  • Bake Pro – Ensures perfect bake quality without the need for a separate proofer.
  • Fully automatic hands-free and flexible cleaning system – Usage of liquid detergents drastically reduces the chances of solid residue and keeps cleaning costs under control.
  • HygienicCare: Silver Ions in the major contact areas, reduces chances of cross-contamination/transfer of bacteria.
  • Double lock Door – Safety feature, prevents chances of steam burns.
  • Disappearing Door – Enhanced safety and free up the front of the oven for movement of Trolleys and personnel.
  • Applications – Restaurants, Hotels, Institutions, Institutional and Commercial Catering, Cafes, Bars, Micro Breweries & Cloud Kitchens.

  • Best-in-class Speed oven with 3 cooking technologies – Convection, tuned impingement and Microwave.
  • Depending on the model selected, can achieve up to 10-20 times faster cooking speeds as compared to conventional ovens
  • Aesthetic and Compact design – does not need any smoke extraction system. Ideal for front of the house cooking.
  • User-friendly Easy touch Panel – Can save up to 1024 recipes.
  • Cool-to-touch exterior due to air curtain cooling.
  • Front located USB port – Allows easy loading and sending cooking recipes across multiple locations.
  • Easy to clean and maintain- Smooth round edges.
  • Applications – Room service in Hotels, Cafes, QSR, Cloud Kitchens, Bars, Lounges and Convenience Stores.

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