International Sushi Training Workshop – by IFCA in association with JETRO

A sushi masterclass provided by renowned Chef Masayoshi Kazato ( Also the ED of All Japan Sushi Association ) and his son Chef Hideo Kazato.

The Incredible Sushi Chefs had been specially brought by the good folks of IFCA.

Not only for perseverance and endurance, but a ‘Hachimaki can also be worn to depict enthusiasm & a strong sense of pride. It made perfect sense to see him wear one at the beginning of the session – a man who has probably devoted his entire life to perfecting sushi.

Watch him make sushi with some small, masterly yet gracefully was an experience. His movements were swift and effortless – signs of an accomplished and skilled “Itamae“. It was amazing to listen to him speak about sushi with such passion and pride.

Few Clicks From the Event

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