IFCA’s International Chefs Conference 2019 – OBJECTIVES



• To Initiate, inspire & sculpt the young chefs into Chef Brands

• To make them understand how the overall business works.

• To develop their people skills.

• To educate better on the work ethics and attitudes

• To make them learn thoroughly the basics of culinary

• To educate on maximizing the performance in the kitchen and to build a lasting and fulfilling career

• To make them focused and to commit readily – believing in self and achieving”


• To enable them to gain experience with ‘production’ as well as ‘artistry’.

• To make them learn about modern menu marketing.

• To educate them on becoming a food safety and nutrition expert.

• To make them believe that the best cooks develop their own styles.

• To enable Learning to use modern equipment and managing large quantities.

• To initiate a developing range of flavorful, healthy recipes

• To initiate building up experience with desserts and pastries

• To enable them to understand how to manage and reduce utility costs

• To educate them on balancing the costs with the quality

• To make them believe in judicious Traveling – at home and overseas.

• To educate them on the subtleties in talking to the seniors

• To make them train the waiters

• To drive home to them the importance of computer and iPad skills

• To inspire them to speak up against unfairness and harassment

• To inspire them to give back to society and to be thankful

• To expose the latest culinary trends to the Indian fraternity

• Provide a global platform to learn and share experiences

• Forge global connections and friendship among the global fraternity,

• Enhance organizational skills and

• Widen culinary capabilities to global standards and beyond.

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